Transitioning natural hair of AfrocabelloThe real gem behind transitioning and big chopping are pertinent in joining the natural hair community. The scope of natural hair is broad but it’s its incipience that really matters. The preliminary focus sets the pace for decision making with relevance to choice attribution.

However, the dimensional crossroads that lead to initiating into the natural hair community can be classified in two (2) ways. Going natural is as easy as learning how to blink…  Your comfort of adaptability should be your topmost priority.

Except you have been maintaining your natural hair all your life then there will be no need to switch. Irrespective of that, let’s take a quick review at the two (2) identified ways to go natural.

  1. TRANSITIONING: this term is defined by the English dictionary as the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. When we try to apply this term to our hair, it simply means that you are choosing to change from relaxed state or condition to natural state – hair. In this process you will be eliminating chemical treatments gradually while allowing your hair (New hair) to grow out. You will be trimming your chemically processed hair bit by bit each month until your natural hair becomes fully exposed. Of course there’s no known time for how long your transitioning process will take but it all varies from one individual to the other. It’s your personal call!!

When transitioning it is very important to take extra care of your multi-textured tresses. The point where your relaxed hair meets your natural hair is called “The line of demarcation”. This is known as the weakest part of your hair. Ensure to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned regularly to prevent breakage.

  1. BIG CHOP: This is the second available choice of going natural. It is the opposite of the transitioning process. As the name suggest, there is no gradual process attached to this. You declare yourself “GO NATURAL NOW”. This quickest drastic method of cutting off all your relaxed hair at a goal leaves you starting from scratch with some few inch(ese) of hair – TWA (teeny weeny afro). The advantage is that you will instantly have one textured hair to deal with.

To big chop, you must be both emotionally and mentally prepared. You need to will yourself the power to rock your short hair fearlessly and confidently.  There’s no turning back once the action is over.

If you choose to go natural either by transitioning or big chopping, remember to enjoy every bit of your natural hair journey. Behind every beautiful kinky curl, there is an untold story. Personal history in the making.