Take away her current passion and she will demonstrate she’s got talent beyond measure. Meet Victoria Dogbe the CEO who loves her job plus thick her.

The daring Victoria Dogbe is a young, versatile, talented CEO of the upsurging ushering company – Videl Media Agency.

Videl Media agency is made up of vibrant, well-groomed professional models of both males and females who are 24/7 ready to usher your events of any kind, photo and runway modeling, films, TV adverts and music video casts.

Her reason for going natural:

I decided to go natural because I felt it will give me the confidence I have always sort for. Also, I actually love it when I see thick hair – natural hair.

Before I started my natural hair journey, I used to hear all sorts of things like natural hair is difficult to keep, natural hair is expensive, it’s difficult to comb, etc. But with all these hearsays, I was curious, determined to give it a shot. On trying, I realized some of what they were saying though true could easily be resolved.

I was also told natural hair styles are “limited” which isn’t true at all. I realized there are so many nice natural hairstyles. Today, I can style my hair and people go like “your hair makes me feel like going natural”.

I’m proudly African and I love it!
Victoria Dogbe says “Love is the only element that can make your hair grow”. Be ready to give your hair the love, attention and pampering it deserves to thrive. If you don’t love your hair, forget it, it’s going to be difficult for it to grow. It will be difficult to have time for it.

There are natural hair salons in town now, so even if you are going natural and don’t know how to treat or style your hair, they are there to help.

This is the BEST decision I have ever made and I encourage ladies out there to GO NATURAL!