Dear parents are you training your children to maintain good hair care habits? Good hair grooming practices cannot be achieved overnight. It takes persistent practice and effort. Teach your children to take good care of their hair so that hair damage can be prevented. The earlier you start with them the better. Here are some ways in which this can be achieved:

Use your salon moments to educate them

Get your children involved in your salon decisions. Avoid leaving your children in the salon to go and attend to other matters. Make some quality time to educate them about  why you patronize salon services in the first place. Educate them on style choices and the whole process of hair care.

Teach your children product shopping habits

Allow them to join you when you go shopping. Teach them what they need to know about the products they use in their hair. Why do you purchase those products in the first place? Use the opportunity to teach them what to look out for. Example could be expiry date, ingredients etc.

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Use suitable hair accessories

Avoid using rubber bands and other hair accessories that can easily cause damage to your child’s hair. Opt for covered rubber bands and hair accessories that do not pull or cause your child’s hair to tangle or knot.

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Choose Wide-Tooth Combs

Using a wide-toothed comb may be a better option as opposed to smaller sized combs when it comes to caring for your daughter’s hair, especially if she has kinky natural hair.

Styling your daughter’s hair

Children have healthy hair so avoid damaging it by styling it in a way that requires heat or chemical treatments. If you do use heat, opt to use the lowest setting in order to minimize possible damage.

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 Protect hair when outdoors

Your child’s hair is very delicate. Do not forget to protect your child’s hair when they are outdoor. This can be done by simply getting them to wear a hat or cap when exposed to the sun or dust.