Hair care is fun when you have the right tricks up your sleeve. This article will equip you with the basic trick you need on the go.  There are different types of hair. However, dealing especially with type 4 kind of hair demands more attention because of its tightly coiled pattern. If you are looking for ways to stretch your hair, this article is what you need. It will give you a quick and easy step by step approach to stretch your type four (4) natural hair without applying any sort of direct heat. By heat, I mean artificial, direct heat.

Now Let’s see how you can easily stretch your type 4 natural hair in a quick and easy way.

    • Clean hair: prepare your hair by thoroughly cleaning it first for this process. Start off with damp freshly washed hair. Clean hair will give you the sleek and fresh outlook that you are looking for.
    • Section hair: Part your hair into about four (4) to five (5) different sections.
    • Detangle: Detangle your sectioned hair with a wide tooth comb by dealing with each section at a time. This process will remove the knots that have formed in the hair. In the detangling process, I love to use my fingers first to undo knotted hair before gliding the wide tooth comb  through my hair.    
    • Apply moisturizer: Moisture is good for the hair. Moisture means water or liquid. Ensure your product has water as its first listed ingredient. Moisture  can soften the most “stubborn” type of hair. Apply a moisturizing lotion like leave in conditioner or set mousse to each detangled section parted. This will smooth down the hair, soften your hair and give it a sleek look.
    • Hold Hair: Hold the base of the sectioned hair with a hair band or tie to tighten it up. This gives you the ease to thread.

Threading: Thread each parted section with any thread of your choice preferably black. If you want to have a colorful finish, that’s fine too. The threading process will stretch out the hair to its full length. So ensure the thread is well measured, doubled and strong. Weak thread will break at a point. If you don’t have a thread, that’s ok! You can use other stretching tools like Curlformers, Rollersets, and Braid out.

  • Drying: after threading all the sectioned parts of the hair. Leave it to dry for an hour or more.
  • Unravel thread: After your hair is dry, remove the thread as well as the hair band to from each section carefully to expose your hair.
  • Style: this is the final phase of the process. Now that your hair is all stretched, you can style as desired by using your bobby pins, clips and other decorating tools that you love to use.

I hope you got it right. I use this method a lot to keep my length in check. The video below is a sure visual to give you the assistance. Enjoy this great video by Tomi Popoola.