Natural Hair inspiration by Sista Ginna

Are you seeking hair inspirations before you decide to go natural? This hair inspiration story by Sista Ginna will inspire you to go natural!!

Sista Ginna has over the past few years been a dubbing fashion and lifestyle blogger, social media influencer and publicist. The all-time inspirational woman and natural hair enthusiast lets us into her cradle and opens up about why she decided to go natural.

In her own words, this is what she said:

“I use to have permed hair because I wanted that silky, smooth, easy to manage type of hair that white people had. I never thought my hair was beautiful. I never felt the need to embrace my natural kinky hair. Society manipulated my brain through television and magazine ads. Society’s established beauty standards were also not left out. We live in a society that has certain standards for women: women have to be skinny, women have to have long silky hair, etc. Personally, these are unrealistic standards of beauty to hold women to.
One huge step I took as part of my year’s resolution is to transition. Yes!!  I recently cut off my permed hair. For those of you out there who do not know what that means, permed hair is the type of hair that has been chemically relaxed using a relaxer crème to convert natural hair to smooth, silky hair.

Hair inspiration by Sista Ginna

As women, we value our hair length more than anything. This made cutting my hair a bit hard for me, but doing so has been one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Now I am certain that natural hair is beautiful and that Natural hair fits my face quite well!
I initially thought going natural wasn’t for me. The commitment to maintaining my natural hair sounded more than I could handle. Or so, I thought until my friend put my hair in Bantu knots. By that point, it was February and I hadn’t retouched my hair in over two months. I was just getting my hair washed and blow dried at the salon. From that day I got the Bantu knots, I never wanted to perm my hair again.
For four months, I wore protective style (Locs extensions).

In August this year, I went for a natural cut leaving my hair 100% chemical free. Now it is just a matter of learning more about my hair texture. To be honest, it’s probably the most low-maintenance style I’ve ever had. All I need to do is wash and go and call it a day — unless I want to do a twist out.

The more I embraced my natural hair, the more manageable it becomes.

Going natural can be hard work, but it’s worth it.
I’m talking from experience here. Just note that if you’ve straightened your hair, had a perm, or had relaxer in your hair your entire life, transitioning back to your natural roots is not going to be easy.

Her advice

I am growing my hair out, but while my hair is still short, I promise to embrace it to defy the stigma that women are supposed to have long hair”.
Sista Ginna advice’s all African Women out there not to let society tell them what is good hair and what isn’t. “All hair is beautiful” she says. It is all about being Comfortable with yourself.  Embrace that natural hair you were born with!