Expecting a love letter?  Imagine being offered a pen and paper to put together some few words to express how you feel about someone. That “someone” being no other person than yourself. Imagine writing a love letter to your own crown. Will that be easy or difficult? Occasionally, you may have tried to pass a scribbled note to your love. Oh how I miss those days!! Well, I don’t know if the post offices still function as it used to. Technological advancement has evolved so much that there are so many mediums of communication. Your partner is just a click away.

Joining the natural hair community has changed my general perspective about hair care. I appreciate my crown more these days than I use to. My relationship with my crown has increased from a scale of 0 to 80% and still counting –progressively.

Passing a scribbled note to your love doesn’t get easier until you try writing one to your own crown. I feel somewhat obliged to pen these few deserving words to my crown – appreciation. I dedicate these few words to the most priceless gift on my head – my crown of glory. And this is how it goes:

My beloved crown,

Words alone cannot express how I feel about you. I don’t know how my life would have been without you!! Since birth, you have been a part of me. Thank you for your faithfulness. When I adorn you with ornaments, you pay me the price that words alone cannot describe. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You are the apple of my eye. You are very priceless to me, my love.

These past few years with you has been intriguing. There were times that I felt challenged by you. But I enjoy the moment I spend nourishing and massaging you. I love to cleanse, condition and moisturize you slowly from the roots to the tips allowing you to reach your full potential growth. In following these processes, you have made me discover my true identity. Your texture indicates that I am of African descent. Afro is your name.  You crown me with a symbol of womanhood. With you, I’m known as a proud African.

My love, I must confess that sometimes I use products that affect you drastically. Forgive me for the wrong choices I’ve made over the past few years. I followed advertisements without caution. Some products I used contain chemicals which weaken your roots, render you fragile and eventually make you fall off. It saddens my heart to see you shred into pieces. The worse feeling comes when I see you scattered on the floor or stuck in my comb.

Now I know that you don’t like me to use ingredients such as Sulfate, Gluten, Silicon, Mineral oil, Parabens, Synthetic color, Synthetic fragrance, Phthalates, petrolatum in excess. I will avoid using them at all cost. I remember when I followed a brand name to purchase shampoo infused with Sulfate. It wasn’t too long that I noticed that you’ve shuttered. I almost lost you at the center of my crown – sulfate overuse. Please be patient with me.

Another lesson I have learned from you is that, I should avoid gliding combs through you when you are overly dry. To moisturize you, I need water and Leave-in conditioners. In fact, Moisture based products are antidotes to your dryness. Not forgetting moisture sealants like essential oils. Coconut oil, Almond oil, Rosemary oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil and many more oils help to coat your layers to increase in volume, strength, and reduce breakage.

You have also taught me that, keeping you in braids, corn rolls, twist, buns, and weaves protect you from the harsh conditions of the weather. These protective hairstyles help you to retain length. You don’t need a long time to stay in these styles. A maximum of Three months is enough for you. Whilst in these styles, you want me to cleanse and nourish you from time to time.

I promise from this moment forth that I will love you like no other. I will dedicate my life, my time, and efforts to your care.  All I want is for you to grow long, healthy, bouncy and love me back. You will forever remain my number one priority.

Well, until we meet again on your next wash day, take care!

Yours Ever,


If you enjoyed reading this, kindly advice yourself too. Let me take the opportunity to ask you these few questions as well. You can ponder over them and amend your hair care routines.

  1. Are you loving your hair as you should?
  2. Is the relationship between you and your crown growing deep?
  3. Have you worked towards forming a positive relationship with your hair?