Hello Natural Hair Lovers,

With the end of the year almost dawning on us, one of my favorite part is celebrating Christmas with family and friends. I look forward to enjoying a harmattan filled season. Oh Yes! Christmas without harmattan is like celebrating Christmas in summer – June! The significant change in the weather is normally characterized by a cold, dry, dust-laden wind that blows from the Sahara desert. The sun during this time is somewhat dim and humidity is low.

As always, my duty is to give you ultimate hair surviving tips for the harmattan season without experiencing excessive loss of hair.

So the best thing to do is to brace yourself up for an all new exciting season called HARMATTAN. 

We should be more concerned about this extreme dry condition because our hair will be mostly prone to intense dryness, shrinkage and breakage. Therefore, our hair care regimen should be more focused on keeping the hair in good moisturized condition. Whether you choose to tuck your hair away in protective style or wear it out, your regimen should be tailored on frequent deep conditioning and moisturizing.

The following simple steps will take you through the harmattan season without fear and panic.


  • Stay Hydrated: Stay HydratedThe extreme temperatures will strip your hair of moisture faster than it used to so you have to endeavor to replenish the lost moisture often. Moisture – water should be an essential part of your daily care routines. So make an ardent choice to keep yourself hydrated first by constantly drinking enough clear clean water. You might need to possibly double up your intake. Water is life. Also eat fruits that are water and vitamin packed – Watermelon


  • Conditioner Washing: If you are not a fan of co-washing like myself, then this is the time to become co-wash friendly. Go Less on harsh, medicated shampoo washes. The less you strip your hair of its natural oils, the better. Avoid completely towel drying your hair after washes. Leave in the moisture your hair needs.

  • Head wraps: Scarves and hats are great accessories, head wraps are a great go-to. They are fashionable and can prevent your hair from the harsh weather and help retain moisture. Wear satin bonnet or scarf to prevent moisture loss while asleep. Your cotton pillow cases should be avoided at all cost because it draws out moisture. Use preferably satin fabricated pillow cases.


  • KEEP A SPRAY BOTTLE: A spray bottle filled with water, glycerin or oil mixture will come in handy. This is a tool you should never go without. Spritz your hair from time to time to re-moisturize. Avoid using styling gels, sprits and other strong hair holding activators that dries out the hair quickly. I love using mild styling mousse.


  • DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT: Pamper your hair by indulging in deep conditioning treatments preferably every two weeks and hot oil treatments in between. The heat used in deep conditioning opens the cuticle and allows the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft thereby, restoring proteins, shine and strengthen to the hair. The hot oil treatment application help restore lost oils faster to your hair. The oils increase shine and reduce frizziness.

So go on and enjoy this festive season fearlessly, fiercely but safely.

I Wish you guys the BEST!