Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha is one of my admirable Nollywood actresses and film producer of all time. She recently took to social media displaying her crown and encouraging naturalistas like us.  And why not? After all the topic of hair slash ‘natural’ hair movement has not seized it’s devour of the Nigerian society.

At least about half a decade ago, not a lot of people gave two strands of hair about ‘rocking their natural hair’.


But of course, all it takes for a movement to trend over here is for it to ‘blow’ somewhere else, overseas- preferably, before we start to adopt. And with the introduction of this new hair craze a lot of sisters jumped right into the wagon, hair only, leaving their senses behind.

Dear sisters, this is not a cry for shame sha, only a wake-up call and a little something actress Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha loves to call hair lessons (Paraphrased of course).

In what looks like a response to the Pop-Natural hair trend, Nollywood actress Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha who regularly flaunts her natural hair, has come out to encourage more ladies to do same.

She urges and encourages all the ‘naturalistas’ to love their hair like they love their boo and she also listed ways in which they can take care of their hair better.


She made a long post on her Instagram timeline to enlighten ladies on the benefits of keeping natural long hair. We surely need encouragement and here is a sneak peek at her message:

This one is just to encourage MA sisters who are on this natural hair journey with me. Don’t give up! Whether you are transitioning or you’re not just feeling the hair now, Just be patient. Enjoy every moment of it. Love your hair like you’d love a boo. Treat it right, talk to it, water it, keep it moisturized always, find natural products that are good for your hair type ( you can never go wrong with Shea butter and coconut oil ), learn to take care of your hair yourself and if you need to visit a good natural hair salon , do so and learn from them. Ask questions too. I’d easily recommend two salons @yellowsisi and @onaturals1 . Buy products you can trust. I use @naturalnigerian and @cremeofnature products for natural hair. 
Again the key is to find the products that work well for your hair type. Took me a while to but the secret is to follow your instincts. It is a lifestyle so you have to be ready. 
I will be sharing tips and taking questions from time to time here. My natural hair page would be up soon so stay tuned as I’d be sharing my journey with you there”. 

Well I’m glad another public figure like Chioma has decided to add her voice to the natural hair community. We need more of such bold characters to empower us. The more the merrier.

We look forward to having a blissful update from her.

Happy Natural “Afrocabello” Hair Journey Y’all……