Health and curls 2018

Health and curls 2018!

Apr 3rd, 2018 General, Product Barbara Kportufe

Friends, Families, mothers, wives, husbands, daddies, boyfriends, girlfriends!  Its here again!! Your favorite annual hair, health and beauty expo “Health and curls 2018″ is here again. Last year, it was an enjoyable moment where great sales were made, amazing networks were established, great tips were shared.. Avery naturals, a leading provider of hair, skin and health solutions in Ghana is the organizer of the event “Health…

Woman in natural hair

All about basing your scalp

Mar 19th, 2018 DIY, Product Barbara Kportufe

I remember how I used to follow the conventional way of basing my scalp with “hair food” with the aim of promoting my hairs health and growth. I later realized that these soul called products contain ingredients like Petroleum jelly, Paraffin, Mineral oil and sometimes Alcohol which can cause product build-up, clog and irritate the scalp.  These creams were heavy and difficult to be absorbed…