Training your children

Training your children to maintain good hair care habits

May 8th, 2018 General Barbara Kportufe

Dear parents are you training your children to maintain good hair care habits? Good hair grooming practices cannot be achieved overnight. It takes persistent practice and effort. Teach your children to take good care of their hair so that hair damage can be prevented. The earlier you start with them the better. Here are some ways in which this can be achieved: Use your salon…

8 abusive mistakes

8 Abusive Natural hair mistakes you need to stop making

Apr 24th, 2018 DIY, General Barbara Kportufe

We all have hair goals but have you wondered if you’re making any abusive mistakes along the way? We all want to have our best hair possible and to be our own afro goals, but sometimes we self-sabotage with bad habits we may pick up along the way. Avoid hurting your afro. Read these natural hair mistakes all natural-haired ladies need to stop making. Here…

10 healthy foods that"ll give you healthy hair

10 foods that’ll give you healthy hair

Apr 16th, 2018 General, Special Feature Barbara Kportufe

Having healthy hair requires both internal and external care. Here’s what you should be eating to achieve healthy hair. When it comes to hair care, making sure you use the right hair products is important, but it’s just as important to make sure you’re eating the right food for healthy hair. Here are the 10 foods that’ll give you healthy hair. These foods are what…

4th Women's Lifestyle Expo Ghana 2018

4th Women’s Lifestyle Expo Ghana 2018

Apr 10th, 2018 Beauty & Lifestyle Event, General Barbara Kportufe

Presenting the 4th Women’s Lifestyle Expo Ghana 2018, the go-to platform for women who want to find new products and services.   Talking about trending events, the 4th Women’s Lifestyle Expo Ghana 2018 is some few weeks away! The Event Director, Nana Adwoa Kwegyir-Aggrey has finally announced that the 4th Women’s Lifestyle Expo is scheduled to be hosted at Alliance Francaise Accra from Friday, April 27…

Health and curls 2018

Health and curls 2018!

Apr 3rd, 2018 General, Product Barbara Kportufe

Friends, Families, mothers, wives, husbands, daddies, boyfriends, girlfriends!  Its here again!! Your favorite annual hair, health and beauty expo “Health and curls 2018″ is here again. Last year, it was an enjoyable moment where great sales were made, amazing networks were established, great tips were shared.. Avery naturals, a leading provider of hair, skin and health solutions in Ghana is the organizer of the event “Health…

Afrocabello Queens with relaxer free hair

All hail relaxer free hair

Mar 27th, 2018 General, Special Feature Barbara Kportufe

All hail relaxer free hair. A Tale from the horse’s own mouth.           How natural hair advocate and CEO of the brand “Afrocabello”  Barbara Aessie Kportufe embraced her kinks. It all began when I graduated from senior high school. Like any other fresh graduate in town, my only desire was to get my hair done. Having silky, straight, bouncy hair was my ultimate…


Natural Vers Texturized hair: What Makes Them Different.

Jan 21st, 2018 General Barbara Kportufe

Hello natural hair lovers, One topic that stirs up debate among people within the natural hair community is hair identification. At what point do we consider hair to be natural or texturized?  This debate can go on and on without end hence today’s discussion “natural vers texturized: what makes them different”! Before you begin your natural hair journey either by transitioning or big chop, you must…

5 Great Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Jan 5th, 2018 General Barbara Kportufe

My hair has had its days. There are days that I love what I see and there are days that I feel my hair isn’t cool. On certain days I feel I don’t eat well enough, not just well enough but enough balanced meals for my body to produce great vitamins needed to function. This can be heartbreaking. IF at a point in time you…

Harmattan Season


Dec 12th, 2017 General Barbara Kportufe

Hello Natural Hair Lovers, With the end of the year almost dawning on us, one of my favorite part is celebrating Christmas with family and friends. I look forward to enjoying a harmattan filled season. Oh Yes! Christmas without harmattan is like celebrating Christmas in summer – June! The significant change in the weather is normally characterized by a cold, dry, dust-laden wind that blows from…


Oct 5th, 2017 General Barbara Kportufe

Hair care is fun when you have the right tricks up your sleeve. This article will equip you with the basic trick you need on the go.  There are different types of hair. However, dealing especially with type 4 kind of hair demands more attention because of its tightly coiled pattern. If you are looking for ways to stretch your hair, this article is what…