Keeping it natural matters a lot. It is every woman’s pride to be naturally beautiful. Natural hair is a symbol of quality, it identifies your true origin, it defines “you” and it is a confidence booster.  Natural Hair does not only come with heavy, wavy, kinky hair but sometimes soft, curly looking hair. More importantly it comes with having an appreciative attitude towards your own hair regardless of its type, color, strength and growth capacity.

Learn to be yourself

Guess what? You can do whatever it takes to straighten your natural hair over and over again but your new growth will forever remind you of who you truly are!! Change that attitude. Take your time. Be more appreciative of yourself. Start developing a positive attitude towards your own hair and you’ll see that things will change.

Most typical Africans and for that matter Ghanaians do not have straight, soft, looking natural hair (this is at least from my research and personal experiences).  The Afro-textured hair of most African women is denser compared to straight and wavy hair of females from the other parts of the world. This makes it almost impossible to comb and very stubborn during styling. With this baseline, instead of working effortlessly with hard-on-the-hair creams, you can just resort to loving your natural black and kinky hair.

Remember that it’s not always about how easy you can comb your hair or how soft it is, it’s all about how you feel about your own hair and how you can find ways to rock it like nobody’s business.

Love yourself, Be you,Invest in your own hair, Be natural always!!!