Afrocabello welcomes you to the 21st Century, where gradually the natural hair movement has expanded into a modernized way of living. I salute all those who have gathered courage, confidence, and have accepted their true identity by rocking their natural hair.  I must confess that I love my natural hair now more than I did before.

As a fellow naturalista, I know the initial struggles we women of African descent go through to grow our hair and eventually master the art of growing and maintaining strong, and healthy long hair.

Don’t stress yourself out, it’s a struggle for everyone, you’re not alone!!

I believe that:

  • With patience and practice,
  • Gaining a lot of tips and tricks from fellow black women who are in the process or have been successful in growing their natural hair, you can also be able to master the art and be happy with the results.

My main for this blog is to create a platform where ideas and experiences can be shared, both the good and the bad. So we can learn and grow and become masters too.

Initially, I had no clue how to grow and care for my natural hair. I only loved the idea of looking like a true African, going back to my roots.. I also didn’t know anything about the do’s and don’ts of growing natural hair, however, by doing some research and experimenting with my own hair, I learned some tips and tricks that have enabled me to take better care of my hair.  It is my desire that, by creating this blog, that tips and tricks would be readily available to you as you begin or continue your natural hair journey.

It is said that “Sometimes challenging situations are easier to overcome when we share the burden and seek guidance”
If you are having such sentiments, then join us!! Our blog has hair information, style suggestions, advice, product information and product recommendations. At Afrocabello, your hair is our number one priority.

We, at Afrocabello, appreciate the time you spend visiting our blog. We are optimistic about what we do. If you have any recommendations on how to improve our blog, do not hesitate to e-mail us: or You can also share your natural hair experiences with us by sending an e-mail to barbara@Videos are welcome.Your story could be a motivational tool for someone out there.