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Our able team warmly welcomes you to the official website of the natural hair brand “Afrocabello“. Afrocabello is a natural hair hub strategically and specially crafted to cater for the modern African of African descent. We constitute a community of people who appreciate African beauty and empowers women to rock their natural hair with confidence.  We also indulge in sharing authentic knowledge, information about hair care based on personal experience, research and everything in between. Undoubtedly, the glory of a woman lies in the crown on her head – her hair. We truly believe that hair care can be made easy if we have access to the right information.

Our Origin:   AFROCABELLO‘s birth originates from the mergence of two distinct words of both English and Spanish. First word is Afro. Afro is a hairstyle consisting of a mass of very tight curls that stick out all around the head. This unique, beautiful type of hair is usually identified with people of African ancestory. Second word is Cabello. Cabello is the Spanish word for hair. Hence, when the two names are merged our central focus is “HAIR”. Since you are our priority, this brand has been crafted not to eliminate contemporary hair practices but to find merger solutions to hair care management by binding the contemporary with the antique, old and cherished practices beneficial to the health and beauty of the hair.

Our Mission:

  • Is to help rekindle our communities love of natural hair care
  • Is to fill the void and celebrate both inner and outer beauty of women of all shades and sizes.

Our Vision: 

  •  Afrocabello envisions to be an excellent natural hair care management hub in Africa and across the continent.

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